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Observational Capacities of lm Optical Telescope Zeiss-1000 at SAO RAS
V.V. Komarov, V.N. Komarov, A.S. Moskvitin, S.V. Drabek, E.V. Emelyanov, V.S. Shergin




On some Stars Probably Having Extended Atmospheres or Gas-Dust Shells, or Circumstellar Disk-like Structures, According to the Results of High-Speed Photometry of Their Lunar Occultations
E.M. Trunkovsky




Fast and super-fast variations of line profile in spectra of early-type stars
O. Tsiopa, A. Batrakov, A. Kholtygin, S. Hubrig, S. Fabrika, A. Kostenkov, A. Valeevv




Methods of the atmospheric parameters determinations
T.A. Ryabchikova




Fundamental parameters of Ap-stars 78 Vir (HD~118022) and AX CVn (HD~110066)
A.M. Romanovskaya, T.A. Ryabchikova, D.V. Shulyak




Modeling the optical spectra of rho Leo
A. Kostenkov, A. Batrakov, A. Kholtygin, A. Valeev




Application of the probability current method to nuclear dynamical calculations in collisions with hydrogen
Ya.V. Voronov, A.K. Belyaev




Fundamental parameters of the atmospheres of ö SCT-Type Stars
A.I. Galeev, E.R. Lyumanov, N.A. Sakhbullin




Investigation of the atmosphere of HR8334 (v Cep, A2Ia) star
Z.A. Samedov, A.M. Khalilov, S.Sh. Hajiyeva, S.Sh. Rajabova




Stellar dynamo in context of stellar activity data
D. Sokoloff, N. Ismaylov




Recent advances in the studies of magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars and their predecessors, the Herbig Ae/Be stars
S. Hubrig, S.P. Järvirıen, M. Schoiler




Main results of magnetic field of CP stars studies with the 6m telescope BTA in last decade (2005-2019)
I.I. Romanyuk, D.O. Kudryavtsev, E.A. Semenko, L.A. Yakunin, A.V. Moiseeva




The effect of peculiarity in the atmospheres of magnetic CP stars
S.G. Aliev, V.M. Khalilov




Magnetic Fields of Newly-Identified mCP Stars in the Kepler Field
I.A. Yakunin, L.L. Romanyuk, Z. Mikuldsek, J. Јапгк, A. Moiseeva, S. Hiimmerich




Fundamental parameters of mCP star HD 17330 with wide depression in the continuum
A.V. Moiseeva, I.A. Yakunin, L.I. Romanyuk, E.A. Semenko, D.O. Kudryavtsev




Influence of pecularity effect on Balmer discontinuity in the atmospheres of magnetic CP stars
S.N. Gulahmadova, S.G. Aliyev, J.M. Kuli-zadea, V.M. Khalilov




Magnetic activity of young late-type stars
K.N. Grankin




Superflares and cycles as stages of the evolution of stellar activity
M. Katsova




On some spectral features of ww vul in the exterme state of brigtness
B.N. Rustam,ov, Kh.M. Mihailov, I. Alakbarov, V.I. Aliyeva, S.O. Mammadova




Photometric and spectroscopic peculiarities of the unique Herbig Be star HD52721 - an eclipsing close binary system
M.A. Pogodin, N.G. Beskrovnaya, S.E. Pavlovskiy, L.S. Guseva, V.V. Kuprianov, D.L Gorshunov, О.V. Ezhkova, N.R. Ikhsanov, G.G. Valyavin




Spectroscopic signatures of magnetospheric accretion in Herbig Ae/Be stars
M.A. Pogodin, N.A. Drake, N.G. Beskrovnaya, S. Hubrig, M. Schöller, S.P. Järvinen, A. Cahuasqui, О.V. Kozlova, Yu. Alekseev, S.E. Pavlovskiy




Long-time spectral variability of the star IL Cep A
N.Z. Ismailov, M.A. Pogodin, G.R. Bahaddinova, U.Z. Bashirova




Circumstellar spectral variations of the star HD 190073
G.R. Bahaddinova, N.Z. Ismailov, U.Z. Bashirova




Distance measurements towards young Milky Way objects; rotation curve
J. Krelowski, A. Strobel




Can massive stars fly out of open clusters and evolve outside them?
M. Obolentseva, A. Kostenkov, A. Kholtygin




Starformation in orion nebulae: Proplyds
G.B. Mamedkhanova




Monitoring of Luminous Blue Variables Candidates In M31
O.N. Sholukhova, S.N. Fabrika, A. Valcheva, P. Nedialkov




New LBV candidates in NGC 247 galaxy
Y.N. Solovyeva, A.S. Vinokurov, S.N. Fabrika, A.S. Vinokurov, O.N. Sholukhova, E.A. Nikolaeva




Multi-periodic oscillatory event in a stellar superflare: spectral analysis and interpretation
S. Mancuso, D. Barghini, D. Telloni





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