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Pleochroism Properties of the Cometary Minerals
I.A. Simonia




Relation of brightness variations of short-period comets 28P/NEUJMIN 1, 53P/VAN BIESBROECK, 63P/WILD 1 with the activity of the sun
A.G. Safarov, H.G. Asoev




On the possibility of asteroid matter composition estimation near perihelion
A.A. Savelova, V.V. Busarev, M.P. Shcherbina, S.I. Barabanov




Spectrophotometry of asteroids: the assessment composition of primitive asteroids near perihelion
M.P. Shcherbina, V.V. Busarev, S.I. Barabanov




Dynamics of natural satellites of planets and Asteroids based on observations
N.V. Emelyanov




Molecular absorption bands in studies of Jupiter’s atmosphere
A.A. Atai, V.D. Vdovichenko, E.E. Humbatova, A.M. Karimov, P.G. Lysenko, V.G. Teifel, Z.S. Farziyev, V.A. Filippov, G.A. Kharitonova, A.P. Khozhenets




Influence of stellar approaches on Jupiter’s
A. H. Mammadli





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